What My Clients Say

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Hear My Own Internal Voice Again

"I've been working on myself for some time, including notions of gratitude and happiness as part of my ongoing recovery from depression and psychosis. So when I saw Trina's Happiness course, I jumped at the chance. 

I feel more in control of my feelings. I feel like I was searching for some big 'answer' but Trina made me realise there isn't one ... and that's okay. Sometimes accepting uncertainty and even negative feelings is crucial in our Happiness journey too. 

Trina herself made the difference. She didn't try and provide all the answers. Instead, she prompted me to ask questions of myself and hear my own internal voice again. I'd stopped hearing it. I feel more connected now."

Lucy V. Hay - Author & Script Editor (Devon, UK)

Great Experience! Powerful Techniques

"I have been working with Trina over the last few months and it has been a great experience! She carefully listens to my issues and uses a variety of tools to help me see things in a different way, or find coping strategies or to make me feel much more powerful and capable. She has a quiet, gentle way of working which I like but she also gets results with her powerful techniques. I highly recommend her especially if you are stuck with anything in life, work or relationships." 

Sue S. - Business Owner/Entrepreneur, (Devon, UK)


...Creates an Environment that Allows Full Awareness

"During the group coaching sessions I became really clear on some of life's big questions. By asking the perfect questions at just the right time, I was able to safely release and let go of what needed to pass. Trina is brilliant at holding space. She is an exquisite listener and creates an environment that allows full awareness and presence. I am grateful for Trina and her gentle spirit, she opened my eyes to another way of being! - Thankyou Trina!"

Jenn R. (Perth, Australia)

A Sense of Trusting Myself is Returning

"I recently attended one of Trina's Happiness Courses. Previous to my knowledge about the course I had read something she had written and it intrigued me.

'When the fear ceases to exist the power of affirmations multiplies.'

I liked the sound of that and when I saw the Happiness Course a few days later I thought, 'Well why not.'

Trina creates an atmosphere of care and concern allowing what is needed in the moment to surface. A kind gentle patience accompanies her guidance and it is almost as if nothing is really happening. At no point did Trina appear to know anything more than anyone else. It was as if we were all learning together. I have been in plenty of group awareness courses with various healers. Trina's skills invoked a feeling of equality - a willingness to learn as well as teach.

Lots of things are changing all the time for me.  One recent belief that is being shattered momentarily is that I need time to mull things, for ages, over so that I don't make a wrong decision and live to regret it. As this has been brought to my awareness I have begun to see that this isn't necessarily the truth. A sense of trusting myself is returning and I am learning to think on my feet again, and be confident that I am making the right choices. This is a big relief.

I am thoroughly confident that if anyone decides to do the 6 week process it will be of enormous benefit."

Tracy Shefras - Writer (Devon, UK)

A Real Turning Point

"I'd been struggling to sit down and write much more than an email for months. In part, that's because I was writing about 279,000 emails a month in the service of other people's projects. Clearly, something had to change. My time with Trina was a real turning point: I went from accepting everyone else's priorities as paramount, to finally realising that my own dreams were absolutely worth pursuing. Trina opened my eyes to some of the weird little stories I'd been telling myself about life and helped me to turn the narratives into ones that were helpful instead. A light dose of cynicism and self-deprecation can be healthy - it's just important to know when the dosage has become toxic!"

Ellie R. - Screenwriter (London)

Helped Me Through Some Tough Times

 “Trina has been so very gentle and sensitive in helping me through some tough times and decision making related to my business. She has a knack of opening your mind to a new way of looking at things. I would unreservedly recommend her as a coach to gain clarity about an issue, and explore solutions to problems.” 

Rhonwen G. - Business Owner (Perth, Australia)

More In Tune With My Inner Being

"In the few years prior to meeting Trina, my life and my family had faced many challenges, all of which were impacting upon me mentally and emotionally. Recently, new challenges were loading up on top of this and I was beginning to struggle under the pressure. I was stressed, anxious, and my thoughts had turned predominantly negative rather than my usual positive outlook, I wasn't really sure what to do or how to turn my thoughts and outlook around. 

Luckily I met Trina, she is an amazing coach and a wonderfully warm person! I found her sessions so helpful, and the home play was great therapy for the soul.  She has helped me believe and hope again, my mind has been able to relax and I live in the moment, fully present.  I continue to have a lot of changes and challenges taking place however I face these now with the tools and strategies to cope, but not just cope, to thrive and strive to excel within the opportunities that I/we face.  I feel more in-tune with my inner being and I trust my instinct again, I have much more belief in myself and my decisions. I have explored and uncovered a spiritual side of me that I feel will provide me with comfort and a guide to my journey as I continue along..

How has this happened.? Well Trina is an amazing lady, she is intuitive, dynamic and her exceptional warmth and energy is a rare gift.. Her intuitive way of coaching worked perfectly for me, she is incredibly insightful and instantly understood me. She would be two steps ahead in a way that would make me think and address topics or my own thoughts in a certain way which allowed me to understand and accept my own thought processes in a clear and balanced way. I would highly recommend Trina to anyone!!"

Emma J. (Devon, UK)

I have come home to the person I was meant to be

"I have had a long standing battle with bipolar disorder and an eating disorder which has manifested in many and huge periods of my life where I have totally isolated myself from the world.  Life, a very sad and despairing life, spent in my bedroom. I have had various counselling and psychotherapy, both privately and through the NHS, since the age of 17.  I am now 52.  Most of these have helped a little but never to a degree that gave me any real hope for a life without these hampering behaviours.   

And then I met Trina.  I quickly discerned that she was a skilled and wise woman and followed my hunch that she could help.

I had just come out of one of my periods of withdrawal and was somewhat fragile but Trina put me so much at my ease that I was able to fully engage with the Program. Trina has an ability to see through to the heart of your difficulties and lead you gently but firmly down a path of discovery and out into the light.  Interestingly, you do not need to undergo a lengthy and heavy period of processing. Transformation really can be instantaneous if you are ready to receive the wisdom and trust in the process. I was ready to do that.  I do not want to describe the Program as I imagine that it will be tailored to suit and I do not want to set up particular expectations.  I feel that it is enough to say that it is a comprehensive programme and Trina an accomplished and gifted life coach.  She is also highly personable, readily approachable, intelligent and intuitive.  Furthermore, and perhaps this is most significant, she really does walk her talk.

I have emerged from the Program and from my interactions with Trina, as a woman changed.  I have a new found strength and a feeling that I have come home to the person I was meant to be!  The walls and protections I had built up, that were no longer serving me, have tumbled down. In their place, have arisen flexible boundaries, a greater sense of what is and what is not my responsibility and a real sense of being OK and happy in the present together with fresh hopes and belief in a positive future. Already, I am embarking on new projects and initiatives, increasing my social network and friends are noticing increases in confidence and resilience. I have plans to do much more, in the fullness of time. At the same time, I am better able to recognise when I need to slow down, that it is OK to take time out when energy levels are low and to really listen to what I need in the moment.  Of course I still face challenges, but I now have the ability to deal with them in ways that are growth promoting rather than soul destroying.  

I encourage you to embark upon the Program with Trina. I cannot imagine that you would be disappointed.  I am happy to have email contact or speak on the phone with you, should you wish to discuss my experience further.  You can make contact with me through Trina."

JMW (Devon, UK)