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Feel Like There Should Be More To Life?

Are you unsure about your life purpose?  Do you feel unhappy, frustrated or stuck more than you would like? Or just feel like you are missing something? 

If you feel that the time has come for you to stop trying to replicate or live up to someone else’s version of success or you are done trying to be someone you are not – you’re in the right place. 

Here’s how I can help you – I thrive on getting to the heart of what is preventing you from being the real YOU – easily and quickly!  Removing those barriers, then guiding you towards new perspectives, new beliefs and making new decisions about who you choose to be from that point on. Finally the best part – You'll witness your results begin to change dramatically, for the better!  It’s not about trying to change who you are, but instead to reveal your true self which has always been there. This starts to happen when we begin to uncover those entrenched belief systems and values that we have unconsciously collected throughout our lives. These stories form the basis for the ‘lies’ we may tell ourselves about – who we are, our self-worth, what’s important to us, how we ‘should’ lead our lives etc.  

My style of Spiritual Life Coaching is very unique. You will find our consultations together gentle, relaxed, conversational, and affordable, whilst being firmly backed up with highly effective and proven techniques to facilitate rapid and long-lasting results.  I am also naturally attuned to the emotions of others (commonly referred to as an ‘intuitive empath’), and this ability complements my work perfectly.  You may come to me with one or more of the following outcomes: 

  • form a deeper connection with yourself
  • feel happier or more content
  • discover your life purpose
  • get more in touch with your intuition
  • be more present
  • overcome a major challenge or life change
  • or something similar… 

Whatever your personal desired outcome is – within just a few consultations you will experience the break-through you need, in order to achieve it quickly and with ease.

Consultations can be conducted via Skype, Phone or In Person (if you are located near Tiverton, Devon, UK)

Free Introductory Consultation

Register Now for a FREE 30 minute introductory consultation.  

During this session you will gain greater clarity on what it is that you really want to achieve, build momentum towards it and take away some tools to assist you. This time together will also give us the opportunity to qualify each other, ensuring the success of our relationship should we both choose to continue our work together.

Personal Breakthrough Package

The next step that I have found to be suitable for most clients is my ‘Breakthrough’ package. This is a 6 hour program tailored to your specific needs.  Without exception, everyone achieves their desired outcome (and more) within this timeframe, and leaves empowered with the tools to maintain this for the long term.

Breakthrough For Writers Program

I have personal experience of the confronting nature of the writing business and how writers are forced to face their fears regularly (rejection being an obvious one) when they submit their work to be judged by external sources.  If these fears escalate they can be crippling to a writer's career and the level of success that is achieveable. I have therefore tailored a program specifically to address these fears and support writers to skyrocket their success. Writers interested in this can register for a free 30 min consultation and we can discuss details from there. 

Upcoming Events/Workshops

Visit my events page for details of upcoming events and workshops, including Happiness Workshops & 'A Course in Happiness' (6 weeks, 1 hour/week)

What My Clients Say

To hear what kind of results my clients have been getting visit this page.


There are also 6 month and 12 month Mentoring Programs available. Many clients choose to continue with one of these options after the Breakthrough Program.