Ready to Align to Your Life Purpose?

Have You Heard The Call?

Many are feeling a sense of urgency to identify, align with and get started on their true life purpose. The pull is real, I’m feeling it like never before and frankly the world needs our Light!

It's not just about gaining clarity and getting started. The biggest challenge for those with this deep sense of purpose – ‘Spiritual Entrepreneurs’, is burnout. All too often we become consumed by what we perceive to be our mission and allow our own needs to take second place. We can lose sight of our true path in pursuit of trying to offer a service to everyone which becomes overwhelming and simply unsustainable. When we fail to honour ourselves, our energy levels get depleted and our ability to fulfil our mission is severely compromised, never mind the damage we have done to our own health and spirit in the process. 

Burnout doesn’t have to become a thing for YOU

We already know that being of service means to come from a place of love and compassion. To do this authentically starts with self-love. Our true nature is desperate for us to make the spiritual connection, realise that we are part of something greater – an unlimited supportive universal energy (or however you wish to define it). Making this link enables us to connect with our wisdom, align with our truth, and experience true happiness. 

As a spiritual life coach my focus with clients is centred on making and deepening this connection and enabling you to operate from a state of Presence, Poise and Purpose. More about what you could expect from my programs is below, but first, here is what I look for in a client:   

  • know that you are here to make a difference
  • feel the pull to connect with your true purpose
  • desire to form a deep connection with your inner self/wisdom
  • willingness to take responsibility for all that happens in your life
  • intention to bring the best version of you to all that you do
  • readiness to clear the blocks and heal the wounds that limit your success
  • sense that your time is Now
  • commitment to experience joy and the true richness of life 

The programs I facilitate create the perfect environment to support you in building and strengthening your relationship with your true self allowing you to tap in to your innate wisdom where the answers to your biggest questions about the value that you bring to the world lies. You will find our interactions intuitive, relaxed and firmly backed up with highly effective and proven techniques to facilitate long-lasting change. We will work at the conscious level gently probing your belief systems and inviting you to consider new more supportive perspectives, and at the unconscious level where the deepest change can occur, using a variety of techniques including visualisation and meditation.  

Outcomes that we may choose to focus on in our coaching relationship:   

  • Form a deep connection with your spiritual self, the link that will make the biggest positive impact on your professional and personal life. 
  • Identify and align with your life's work, your purpose and create momentum towards it. 
  • Discover a presence and calm that will enhance all of your interactions and support you on your journey. 
  • See the perfection in your unique collection of life experiences and the value this brings. 
  • Bring a new sense of meaning to your life and develop an openness to seeing the gifts hidden within challenges. 
  • Uncover and dissolve the biggest blocks to your happiness that will super-charge your success. 
  • Learn self-acceptance and unconditional love for yourself, empowering you to live your truth. 
  • Develop an unwavering trust in your intuition, enabling you to make decisions with confidence and ease. 
  • Recognise and honour your own needs above all else because you know that your ability to contribute depends on it.   

These areas are inextricably linked, so when we work on one it will have a positive benefit on others. Some may seem a stretch from where you stand now, but intention is everything. You will probably find our work together a little different than other kinds of life coaching so an openness to new ways of doing things is essential. 

So, let's not waste any more time settling for anything less than the best experience of life! Take a look at the Coaching options below..

Coaching Programs


Suitable for Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals and those with a deep sense of purpose even if you are not certain what it is yet.

Next On-line Program:

Comm. Monday 19th Feb 2018 at 10am

*Further dates for on-line & live programs soon to be announced. Register your interest Now!

This foundation program focuses on all the outcomes as listed above and presents a perfect opportunity to connect, be inspired and share the experience with others with a strong desire to contribute. The interaction and resulting opportunities to learn from one another, not just the facilitator, prove invaluable and serve to further enhance your experience and results. Many participants finish our programs with a ready made support network, have formed firm friendships, sometimes even business relationships. This path is certainly best walked together. 

  • 6 Weeks x 2 Hours of Group Coaching per week 
  • Limited to a maximum of 6 people 
  • 10 min weekly One-on-One Call during the program 
  • 6 Guided Visualisation recordings from the program to support you on-going 
  • £595 (payment plans are negotiable if reqd.)  

Important note: I conduct a 45 min interview (no-fee) with ALL participants prior to accepting them on this program. Purity of intent and readiness to get started are some of the essential criteria. This meeting also gives you the opportunity to ensure that the program is a perfect fit for you too.

BreakThrough' Program  

This a One-to-One Program - via Skype, Phone or In Person (if local to Mid Devon). Should you wish to make an enquiry please enter your details at the bottom of the homepage to register for an introductory 45 min (no fee, no obligation) consultation. Please note I generally recommend the group program (above) where appropriate as it represents fantastic value and an enhanced experience.  

*From time to time I facilitate other programs including my ‘Course in Happiness'. If you are interested in learning more or inquiring about future dates please get in touch. 


If you are looking for a speaker for your organisation or a specific event, presentations can be tailored to your requirements. The areas mentioned above suggest a variety of possible topics that we could choose to focus on. Enter your details in the contact form on the homepage to prompt further discussion.    


From time to time I run community workshops and most recent ones have included: 

  • Happiness Workshop 
  • Write From the Heart 

Get in touch for details of upcoming dates or if you are interested in scheduling one for your team  

What My Clients Say

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There are also 6 month and 12 month Mentoring Programs available. Many clients choose to continue with one of these options after completing one or more of my other programs.