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The Evolution of My Coaching

Since qualifying in 2006 as a Master Results Coach in Australia, my approach to Coaching (and Life) has continually evolved. Several significant life experiences have provoked me to search ever deeper within myself, unravelling literally hundreds of old belief systems and behavioural patterns, letting go of almost everything I once thought that I knew to reveal my true Self that had previously been shrouded and hidden beneath those old ways of thinking.  

Although I haven’t perfected myself yet – by any means! (we are always work-in-progress) I have learnt to love and accept myself, embrace my uniqueness, connect with my life purpose and feel very balanced and at peace with life. My focus in recent years has been firmly on Spiritual Development. The many tools, tips and strategies that I have learnt and applied successfully to my own life along the way, combined with the latest proven coaching techniques, are what my clients now get to experience and benefit from during our Spiritual Life Coaching consultations together. This naturally translates into wonderfully positive results with their own self-discovery and real world success too!  

All of my clients respond well to my open, grounded, heart-centred and conversational approach. I simply love, and thrive on, being given the opportunity to facilitate the necessary changes within others in order for them to make giant leaps towards experiencing life as their true authentic selves too.  

Current Activities Include:

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